White Papers

The following white papers were either presented at past forums or have been shared by Disaster Safety Movement members. Speakers indicated in bold are speakers from previous forums.

A Disaster in the Making by Eli Lehrer

Building a Safe Port in the Storm: Private vs. Public Choices in Hurricane Mitigation by Daniel Sutter

Coastal Disaster Insurance in the Era of Global Warming by Justin Pidot

Disaster Resilience Rising Means the Time is Right by Leslie Chapman-Henderson and Audrey K. Rierson, J.D.

Easing the Homeowners' Insurance Crisis on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts by Robert Litan, Frank Nutter & Marc Racicot

Ensuring Disaster - State Insurance-Coastal Development and Hurricanes by Daniel Sutter

Higher Ground: A Report on Voluntary Property Buyouts in the Nation's Floodplains by David Conrad, Ben McNitt & Martha Stout

Natural Defenses in Action: Harnessing Nature to Protect Our Communities by S.L. Small-Lorenz, B.A. Stein, K. Schrass, D.N. Holstein, and A.V. Mehta

Principles for Property Mitigation Discounts by Eli Lehrer

Real Reform for Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporations by Eli Lehrer

Restoring America's Insurance Market by Eli Lehrer

Risk Prediction and Dynamic Risk management - Friend or Foe? by William Riker

South Carolina's Omnibus Coastal Insurance Reform Legislation: Baby Steps in the Right Direction by Eli Lehrer

Tropical Cyclone - Ocean Interactions by Isaac Ginis

Underwater: Rising Seas, Chronic Floods, and the Implications for US Coastal Real Estate by Union of Concerned Scientists

Wall of Wind Full-Scale Destructive Testing of Coastal Houses and Hurricane Damage Mitigation by Stephen Leatherman, Arindam Chowdhury & Carolyn Robertson

Watery Marauders: How the Federal Government Retarded the Development of Private Flood Insurance by Eli Lehrer